Who we are

SKYBIZ Corporate Solutions(SCS) was founded by a team of vibrant Corporate Executives who dedicated considerable part of their careers to build up and strengthen India's Brand Leaders in the major segments of Manufacturing, Aerospace Engineering and Life Sciences apart from others.

SCS is centered primarily on the Development and Expansion of SMART Projects through E-Governance with main focus on Renewable Solutions of Clean and Alternative Energy, Management of: Energy efficiency, Water, Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Telecom Services, Electronic Services, Multi-Focused Urban Mobility, Trash Recycle etc., with addon spotlight on Eco-Tourism.

Secondarily, SCS adopts Innovative Solutions to revamp, build and strengthen the locations or projects through close proximity of association by virtue of process related services focused on creative value additions and comprehensive solutions.

What we do

We are missioned to create value propositions through innovative methods that enable to effectively manage and implement solutions to various challenges.

Our Primary focus is on building up investments into smart effective implementation of value based solutions, through the Development and Expansion of SMART Projects involving various Clean, Renewable & Secured Solutions. This is done through state-of-the-art evolutions and expertise for the overall development of the Location, Government and Citizens alike.

The secondary focus is towards Projects & Organizational Expansion and Business Development to ensure overall success to the projects. We associate with our Principals and Clients focused on to build long lasting partnerships based on Integrity and Devotion. We dare to innovate and to constantly evolve challenging the norm to find new and better ways for operational implementation. In short, we convert “Challenges" as well as "Ideas" to a palpable "Reality" of great value additions to the development of the Projects.

Spotlight on Solutions:

  • Management and Development of Foreign Direct Investments.
  • SMART City Solutions: Development and Expansion.
  • Customized Services through innovative focus


To empower towards the development of business with cynosure on creative value additions and smart project solutions.


To build an environment that will impel each team member to visualize, create and contribute with exceptional products or process and services, complying with ethical and moral standards.

Code of Ethics

We believe that our focus as an ethical Company and trustworthy business associate will be one of our most valuable assets. To safeguard our reputation, we hold ourselves to the standards of ethical behaviour.

We respect the moral and Intellectual Copyrights vested in our Principals, Clients and Associates.

We maintain the Quality of what we do through constant review of all activities, outcomes and their cost-effectiveness.

International Investments

Foreign Direct Investments

Renewable Solutions

SMART City Solutions

Management Solutions

Customized Services