International Investments

Foreign Direct Investments

  • Management and Development of Direct Investments:

One of the spinous decisions Investors' being faced is with regard to their investments into foreign projects of Governments, Organizations and in Infrastructure Development. SCS is dedicated towards the Investors' through advanced Services in managing their investments within their proximity of views, surpassing all the apprehensions.

India as an advancing Nation, in its race towards surpassing the COP21-CMP11 challenges combined with embracing modernization, offers phenomenal advantages to International Investors'. Here SCS focus to strive and surpass the performance of investments to the overall success. The focus is to work along in tandem with Governments of different locations apart from Corporate Organizations, to develop various projects under their core focus and priority.

Opening of new avenues in order to source major values to the focus and goals of Investors into India, GCC and other South Asian / EU Nations by bridging investments with value added projects.

Renewable Solutions

SMART City Solutions

  • SMART Projects Development and Expansion:

We focus on the Development of Smart Projects through Renewable Solutions of creative values that would culminate in futuristic value additions to the overall development of the locations through clean energy infrastructure. This clean energy infrastructure is developed by virtue of state-of-the-art evolutions and expertise.

Development and Expansion:

SCS is devoted to bring-in the following state-of-the-art SMART City Solutions with various value-added combinations. Few of which are -

  • Qualification of E-Governance through Renewable Solutions
    • Smart City Project Modules focused on value added Urban Civic Solutions such as Energy Farming, Intelligent Traffic Systems, Waste Management, Eco Tourism etc
    • Smart Infrastructure Developments focused on green technologies
    • Smart Shipments
    • Intelligent traffic management through Smart Systems
    • Waste Management
    • Eco-Tourism
Management Solutions

Customized Services for Investors

We are focused on to deliver specialized services through effective implementation of the goals to surpass the challenges.

  • Development and Management of Corporate Assets.
  • Development, Promotion and Management of Medical Tourism.
  • Development and Management of Leisure & Cultural Projects.